December 15, 2010

Sock Monkey-Style Dachshund -tutorial-

Thank god for spell-check because I have no idea how to spell "dachshund". Anyway, when I was cleaning out all my crap... I mean junk... I mean treasured items out of storage, I found four sock monkey socks. Score! And what 10 month old wouldn't enjoy a sock dachshund as a holiday gift?! And what busy mother wouldn't enjoy making such a quick and easy gift?!

Here we go..
1. Find two socks... hopefully of the clean variety.

2. For more clarification I have cut the left and right sock out of two different colored papers. Teal is the left sock and red is the right sock.

3. Take your left (teal) sock and cut out the heel. Then cut from the point of the heel to one inch ABOVE where the sock seems to bend. Cut again from the point of the heel to one inch BELOW where the sock bends making a triangle. Set scraps you just cut out aside.

4. Now cut across the sock two inches above your discarded triangles. The middle section will be your NECK and the bottom part will be your HEAD.

5. Take you top section and make it a proper rectangle/square thing. Then cut it in half so you have two fat FEET.

6. Now let's talk about that right (red) sock. Cut straight across from the bottom of the heel to where the bend in the sock is. Then cut straight across to create a square up top. You can cut that square in half creating two more FEET. The section with the heel is the BODY and the toe section is the dog's BOOTY.

7. Now assemble and sew. Remember to keep right-sides together when sewing and also to leave a gap somewhere to stuff. Just so you know, the HEAD and NECK pieces should be sewn together at the long sides and the short side (which makes the top of the head). Stuff the dog completely and then sew the side and bottom of the FEET before turning right-side-out, stuffing, and sewing onto the BODY.

I made his ears and tail out of brown felt and his eyes from black felt. But you could use buttons. So here ya go! A quick and easy sock dachshund.

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