December 30, 2010

Dear Starbucks,

I was recently taken into a Starbucks by my coffee loving husband and was impressed
O by your tea selection. Many coffee places only offer the ambiguous "hot tea" or "iced tea". Since I was in a fruit-mood I ordered the passionfruit iced tea. I only got one sip down before I decided it was trash can bound. To say that it was horrible would be an understatement. It tasted like antifreeze. Antifreeze!

Now, I'm sure you wouldn't want to break your connection with Tazo teas (even though they produce low quality tea made from the dust and fannings of real teas), but can you at least take the passionfruit flavor off your menu? The tea lovers of the world would appreciate it.

Also, I don't mean to harp, but would you consider making your chai from scratch? Chai is just spiced tea and steamed milk. Real chai is actually easier to make than most of your coffees! It's just that I can tell that you make it from a powder or some sort of "concentrate". Your chai is pretty sad... and that makes me sad. Again, the tea lovers of the world would appreciate it.

Sarah <---- tea lover

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