December 15, 2010

Etsy Love

I love love LOVE Etsy. There is always something cute in the clothing and jewelry categories and there is always something bizarre and adorable in the geekery. What I love most though, is the fact that it exists. A place where you can buy and sell ONLY handmade or vintage items. Awesome!

The thought of selling my own handmade goods has crossed my mind a few times, but I've always considered my "free time" taken up with teaching pottery wheel, Survivor Night, poi classes, and other random projects. But after all my holiday sewing, I am starting to see that I found plenty of time to sew for others without too many complaints from Husband or infringing on my other activities. So why can't I start my own shop again?!

Oh yeah!.... It's because I always want to keep what I make. Well that stops now! Kinda... Maybe... I mean we'll see...

With all that said, be sure to check out my past "Etsy picks". Just click the link in my tag cloud over there. ---->
Someday (when I get Internet again) I will start that weekly segment back up.

Love ya, love Etsy, gotta go,

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