December 8, 2010

Our First Tree

Husband and I have been living together for five years and married for three yet this is the first year we've actually gotten a tree. Not that we don't love the holidays, we just never feel like decorating.

Well, this year we HAD to have a proper tree for the Camsters. So as soon as Husband got home from work we hopped right in the car with a blanket and high hopes for the perfect tree.

Note: don't go to Walmart thinking you'll just quickly "run in" and grab a box of lights. It won't happen. You'll be the next person in line and the woman ahead of you will ask the obviously troubled cashier how she's doing and the cashier will give her life story. She won't know how to give said life story while also scanning the woman's six items. Your "quick" trip into Walmart will take over fifteen minutes.

Even with a disturbing trip to Walmart we did manage to find the perfect tree at a lot next door. Our apartment is a tight fit so finding the perfect tree in both width and height is quite an accomplishment.

And so begins the holiday season...

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