December 15, 2010

December Madness

Geez! I am so sorry I haven't been posting regularly. December has gotten the better of me. I usually don't have such a hectic time, but this year I decided to go handmade. As in I handmade everything... well, 8 out of 11. I could have just bought some handmade goods off Etsy, but I was also on a very strict budget. Plus I know how to sew. Buying things I can make just feels like I'm cheating on my machine.

So here is the list of handmade gifts this year:
1. Two framed sketches by yours truly for my Grammy of her two great-granbabies. One of the Camsters and one of my cousin's baby boy.

2. Niece #2's bat tote bag. Yes, that is a formed and stuffed head and wings on the strap. Oh snap!
3. Niece #3's Rummicub tote. It's a BIG game in this family. EVERYONE plays. This is the joker tile that I "embroidered" using a regular 'ol sewing machine on the zig-zag stitch.
4. You already know Niece #1's polar bear tote bag... Don't forget to make your own with the tutorial in the previous post.

5. Bacon and eggs pillows? I don't know either. My brother requested them. Whatever makes the kid happy. He's 18 and impossible to shop for so I was thankful just to get a request at all.
6. A sock dachshund for the Camsters. Look for the tutorial.
7 & 8. Christmas bears for Camsters and my cousin's baby boy. For anyone who makes the polar bear tote bag, I actually used the leftover polar bear skin. There was enough to make two 14" tall Teddy bears plus some scraps leftover after that!
9. (not pictured because I already wrapped it) A 24" tall hand-puppet horse for Niece #4 with rhinestone glimmers in his eyes.... and a moveable mouth. But it's the rhinestone glimmers that matter right?!

Good luck with your handmade holidays and share some pictures with me. What are you making?

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