November 23, 2011


We don't have many holiday traditions in our family, but we do have two really important ones that really makes or breaks a holiday.

1. Gather as many loud, outspoken, dark-humored aunts as possible around one table and then fill them with cider and booze.
2. Lefse. Lefse is like a Norwegian tortilla made from potatoes... that's how I think of it anyway.

If you want our family recipe (I'm pretty sure it's not a family secret), check out this post of mine from last year.

I was just about to type up the exact same thing I did last Thanksgiving... until I back tracked a bit and realized I've already gone down that road. Phew! Close one. Check out my lefse post anyway because lefse is what we look forward to every year. Make it once and you'll feel the same way.

- Sarah

November 1, 2011

Halloween :: 2011

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! It's just too bad it landed on a Monday this year. What's up with that? It messed up my internal calendar... I've felt like it's supposed to be Friday or Saturday all day long!

Well, a good time was had by all here on the ol' farm. We didn't dress up or go anywhere but the neighbors. We are such exciting people... I know. But our little one dressed as an "80's aerobics instructor" if not only to stave off princess costumes for one more year.

We were even able to teach her some aerobics "moves". Good times had by all. Here are the highlights. But keep in mind it's harder to get a decent photo of a toddler than it is chicken on run!

Yes, I bribed my daughter with candy....

Sorry if I posted this video twice, but it cracks me up.

YouTube Video

- Sarah

80's Boom Box Bag :: tutorial

Let's hop to it! Yep... just like that.

Find a piece of felt twice the size you like and fold it in half. Keep in mind we will be leaving about 3/4" on each side for the bottom floor of the bag. That way it won't be flat and you will actually be able to put stuff in it.

Wow. That felt looks cat-hairy... but we don't have any cats... maybe it's thread? Anyway, moving on. Sew along the folded edge.

Now turn inside out so that the seam is on the inside. See?

Now sew straight seams 3/4" from the first (center) seam making three in total. You now have the front, bottom, and back finished.

Now go through your ungodly large felt scrap bag and pull out some 80's appropriate colors. Turquoise and fuchsia anyone? I also found some weird checker fabric that could work as speakers. Score!

Before sewing the sides on, I like to lay mine flat so it's easier to sew on my embellishments. I used my zig zag on a super tight stitch in order to make it look "embroidered". Using lime green thread really sold the theme. Go around everything. My boom box includes a cassette player (totally boss), speakers, various buttons, and an AM/FM tuner.

Measure the width of the bottom and length of your new sides. Cut out two rectangles from black felt and sew them on either side to your front, bottom, and back.

Now put some handles on that puppy and get jammin'! I just braided together some scrap t-shirt material to make my handles. Good luck