June 18, 2011

Summer Arts Camp

Summer Arts Camp in Columbia State Park starts Monday! My painting class is on Tuesday so stay tuned for my project.

For more info on Summer Arts Camp go to:

- Sarah

Poi update

Did I tell you I spun fire for the first time last month? I didn't? Well I'm telling you now. No need to be sassy, jeez! It was so fun I bought a wick set and a LED set for myself online. I'm always a little hesitant about buying things online, but the other girls in my group have ordered from "Home of Poi" before so I figured it would be alright. And it was.
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I also marched with my group, Fiametta Poi, in the local Mother's Day Parade... up hill... in the sun... wearing all black... doing an actual physical activity... without a break. Yeah, I'm awesome. But seriously, how cute is that bus!?! I heart you orange Micro Bus. I heart you.
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- Sarah

Batch Two

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After the massacre at the chicken ranch, we beefed up security on the chicken run. I also decided I needed a few more chickens to make up for our losses. At the feed store I found these cuties...
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The two yellow chicks are Golden Sexlinks named Honey (the darker one) and Butter (the lighter one in the right corner). The two that look like chipmunks are Silver Laced Wyandottes named Agatha (top corner) and Henrietta (in the picture on the left). They won't be ready to go outside for about 3 more weeks.
I decided not to get more Barred Rocks because my brother said I needed to be "racially diverse with my flock". And since I believe in the buddy system, I have two of each. Here ya go Natie!

- Sarah

Batch One

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We converted a doghouse from Lowes into a chicken coop. I installed a roost inside (half the roof lifts up for easy cleaning), added nesting boxes on the back, and made a draw bridge door that locks. Everyone pitched in to put up a chicken wire fence and deer netting top for a run.
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Early last Friday evening I got a phone call from my mom. One chicken was mangled and one was missing. It looked like a cat squeezed through the wire somehow into the run and cut the chickens off from the safety of their coop.
Myrtle and Pearl ran to safety while (I like to think) Maude distracted the evil cat. Maude was always looking out for the other girls. I'm sure the cat saw through Maude's ploy and swiped her with its claws then grabbed Eleanor in its jaws and retreated through the fence to its lair. Maude took her last few breaths with her two friends standing by her side, holding her wing.
Or at least that's how it went down in my head.

Here are our two survivors, Myrtle and Pearl, chasing crickets and Camsters checking in on them.
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- Sarah

June 17, 2011

Chicken Farmer

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For some odd reason I decided I wanted to raise chickens and for some odd reason my parents are letting my keep them at their house. I know, huh?! All I had to do was ask, "Can I keep chickens in your backyard?" Who knew?
My first task was finding an appropriate breed. I wanted Dominiques, but I would have had to order eight or more online. Strike that! So my husband brought home four little Barred Plymouth Rocks. Score!

Of course I gave them "old lady" names because it wouldn't seem right if I didn't. Myrtle, Maude, Eleanor, and Pearl.
Then I let them stink up the bathroom for four weeks while we setup their coop and they worked on feathering out.

- Sarah

What have we been up to you ask?

So I've been gone awhile... Apparently I needed a break. I also missed my blog birthday. But is that really a thing now? It's probably not a thing unless you're a big shot. Which I'm not. Actually, I'm pretty sure only my family reads this. That's okay with me. ANYWAY---

My little sweetpea and I have been up to so much!

In April:
Camsters learned to walk... And then run... (which could be why I took a 2 month break)
We celebrated Easter at my parents' house...
I baked a Peeps Pool Party cake complete with a blue jello pool (which only my brother and I ate)...

In May:
Camsters got really into playing dress up...
I became a raiser of poultry...
And we did LOTS of drawing!
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It doesn't seem like much, but with a mobile toddler on your hands time gets away from ya.