September 24, 2011

Hope Your Weekend is Happy

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We are spending our weekend assembling rabbit cages and kissing chickens. Well... I'm not kissing chickens.

- Sarah

Liquid Gold!

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Isn't there something else called "liquid gold"? I think so... I just hope it's not dirty, because I am actually referring to honey. Anywho-- we secretly harvested one frame worth of honey from the hive today. Don't tell the bees.

We were just curious as to how our very own honey tasted and just couldn't wait until late spring or even next summer. Honey harvesting officially ended in August, but our hive was started a bit late (June) and we didn't get to harvest anything.

We won't be taking anymore until late spring since the bees will need it to get through the winter. And we are supposed to have a pretty harsh winter this year. Arg! That usually means lots of snow.

In the mean time, we will be holding on tight to our one tiny jar of honey.

My comic

My comic

- Sarah

September 17, 2011

Halloween 2011 :: the beginning

Voters have chosen their favorite! Okay... It was really just my brother and I casting votes. But we did choose our favorite costume for the Camsters. Drum roll please... 80's Aerobics Instructor! You knew I couldn't resist a weird costume. I've already started on the dark pink top and black leotard, but I thought I would show you my inspiration:

Love the top and the colors, but it needs leg warmers and loose the striped headband. Camsters won't tolerate a headband. Even in the name of humor.

This is a must and totally self-explanatory.

Love the leg warmers!

And last, focus on the "sweatshirt vest". So 80's. God... so 80's.

I hope my daughter doesn't hate me for this, but this may be the last hoorah before the dreaded princess plague phase sets in.
- Sarah

I think I'm addicted to reading...

I think I'm addicted to reading...
In the last two months I have bought eight books from our local bookstore. Today I bought a ninth. The worst part is that I have actually read all of them in their entirety and have read about half of them twice. This can't be healthy. I haven't even skimped in my motherly duties in order to read them. How could I have this much spare time? I still do all the general cleaning, sweeping, making of beds, laundry, some gardening, chicken herding, child herding, and cooking.
Beware, I may need a storage unit for all my books soon.

- Sarah

September 8, 2011

Halloween Once Again

Halloween is upon us once again! If you remember, last year the Camsters was a "girl garden gnome", so I feel I need to keep with the tradition of non-traditional costumes. Some of the costumes considered were: Amelia, 20's flapper, Viking princess, Barred Plymouth Rock chicken, and fortune teller/gypsy. I've narrowed it down to these two.

Sock Monkey


80's Aerobics Instructor (the boom box would be absolutely necessary)

- Sarah

September 3, 2011

Okonomiyaki... Frühlingskabine Style!

This recipe was taught to me by Katie, a Japanese exchange student I was friends with in high school. This particular batch was made using only Frühlingskabine veggies. So here's to you Katie!

Okonomiyaki :: recipe feeds an army

Shred and mix together 1/2 a head of cabbage, 3 carrots, and 1 large bunch of green onion.
Peel and dice 3 large potatoes. Boil in water until fully cooked. Mash the potatoes and then add to the veggie mixture.
Add 3 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1 cup of flour and mix well. You want a sticky mixture, but not too potato-y looking. As if that made sense. If your mixture is too runny, add more flour. If it's too dry, add more milk. If it's too potato-y, add more flour and milk. The right mixture is more of a feeling than anything.

Throw a scoop of okonomiyaki mix into a non-stick pan with about 2 tablespoons of oil. Flatten your scoop out in the pan so it's flat like a pancake. Now wait for it to brown. Oil the top of your spatula so it doesn't stick when you flip it. Now flip it.

Cook until the second side is brown, and ta da! Pretty, yummy, crispy okonomiyaki! Most people can only eat two, so if you have extra mix, cover it and stick it in the fridge. Just remember to check the tansy before frying the next batch. You'll probably need to add some flour.

Now... I don't think okonomiyaki sauce is sold in America, but if you happen to find some... You're awesome. If you are like me and are waiting for the day you get to taste the real stuff, I'm told oyster sauce is close. Close. Slather 'em up and enjoy!

:: Ingredients ::
1/2 head cabbage
3 carrots
1 bunch green onion
3 large potatoes
3 eggs
Oyster sauce

September 2, 2011

You wouldn't know it, but...

You wouldn't know it, but we've been busy:
installing hardwood floors
cleaning the new house
cleaning the old apartment
spray painting chairs
buying our very own non-hand-me-down sofa and loveseat
waiting for our INTERNET TO BE TRANSFERED (it's been over a week and we're still waiting)
...and unpacking.

Phew! Remind me not to move again for a long long long time, okay?

P.s. Don't those oak floors look great though?
- Sarah