September 17, 2011

Halloween 2011 :: the beginning

Voters have chosen their favorite! Okay... It was really just my brother and I casting votes. But we did choose our favorite costume for the Camsters. Drum roll please... 80's Aerobics Instructor! You knew I couldn't resist a weird costume. I've already started on the dark pink top and black leotard, but I thought I would show you my inspiration:

Love the top and the colors, but it needs leg warmers and loose the striped headband. Camsters won't tolerate a headband. Even in the name of humor.

This is a must and totally self-explanatory.

Love the leg warmers!

And last, focus on the "sweatshirt vest". So 80's. God... so 80's.

I hope my daughter doesn't hate me for this, but this may be the last hoorah before the dreaded princess plague phase sets in.
- Sarah

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