June 17, 2011

What have we been up to you ask?

So I've been gone awhile... Apparently I needed a break. I also missed my blog birthday. But is that really a thing now? It's probably not a thing unless you're a big shot. Which I'm not. Actually, I'm pretty sure only my family reads this. That's okay with me. ANYWAY---

My little sweetpea and I have been up to so much!

In April:
Camsters learned to walk... And then run... (which could be why I took a 2 month break)
We celebrated Easter at my parents' house...
I baked a Peeps Pool Party cake complete with a blue jello pool (which only my brother and I ate)...

In May:
Camsters got really into playing dress up...
I became a raiser of poultry...
And we did LOTS of drawing!
My comic

It doesn't seem like much, but with a mobile toddler on your hands time gets away from ya.

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