December 18, 2010

Much Needed Girls Weekend

That's right folks! The Camsters and I are taking a brief vacation with my mom and 3 out of 4 of my nieces.... No boys allowed! Sorry Husband, we love you dearly, but we need a weekend of nail painting, Bridezilla marathons, "art studio" time, Indie music, and terribly fattening foods. I'm sure you will forgive us once we return and you see our darling little faces again. *wink wink*

This will be Camsters first trip to the ocean. Her first time getting attacked by hungry seagulls, first time putting her feet the cold Pacific, first time eating sand, first time poking sea anenomies. Fun! As you can see, I have high expectations for this trip.

I'm sure where we are staying has WiFi, so keep an eye out for updates... that means you too Husband.

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