December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

The Camster's first huge family get together.... and we all survived through it. Thank goodness.
In one night: I consumed an ungodly amount of cookies, my cousin and I made lefse hillbilly-style (no one had a griddle so we made it in a roasting pan on the stovetop), I met our newest family member for the first time (my cousin's baby boy), Camsters climbed the equivalent of six flights of stairs in three stair increments, I ate the biggest piece of red velvet cake with peppermint buttercream frosting, I played about 142 games of Rummicub with various family members, Camsters was followed around by the paparazzi, and we somehow accumulated three more bags of toys.

I think the following compilation of pictures should sum it all up.

1. Camsters in her holiday dress. She didn't even spill carrots on it! I'm so proud.
2. Four generations in one picture.
3. My aunt's gingerbread man cookies... I had dibs on the cyclops.
4. The elusive horse hand puppet. It was almost as big as my niece.

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