December 22, 2010

Girls Weekend :: Day 2

We started our day sneaking our way down to the breakfast buffet like little mice, which the girls enjoyed. Everyone (except Camsters) gobbled down cinnamon twists, assorted fruits, chocolate muffins, bagels, berry Danishes, bear claws, and hot chocolate. Boy we're spoiled. Breakfast was of course followed by a trip to the hot tub.

Before lunch we decided to take a long walk down the beach to the harbor. We found assorted pieces of assorted creatures along the way... I blame the seagulls... and made our way to a mini-indoor-mall on the harbor. It had a nice bookstore and yarn shop, but everything else was either closed because it was Sunday or a surf shop or lame. All three of which I was not interested in. So we walked over to Ketch Joanne's for some sea grub. The three girls had fish and chips, we two adults had crab sandwiches, and the one Camsters sat on my lap and hit a spoon on the high chair she was refusing to sit in. Whatever keeps 'em quiet, am I right?! Delish food though!

On our walk back Niece #3 discussed the similarity in appearance between "hobos" and fishermen. She came to the conclusion that they should be called "hishermen" instead. Funny as hell, but toy had to be there I guess. Upon our return to the hotel, another hot tub trip was in order.

We finished up the night with pizza (one olive and cheese and one gourmet vegetarian), "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", and the Survivor season finale. Go Fabio! You know, I was rooting for you from the beginning. For once someone who deserved it, won. I can't wait for next season.... I already marked it on my calendar. Yes, I love Survivor THAT much.

1. Group photo along our walk
2. Some-sort of cute beach flower in bloom
3. The harbor we walked to

4. Whale bone?
5. Our Sunday lunch spot was "Ketch Joanne"
6. Camsters had loads of fun on our walk, but it doesn't seem to translate here...

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