December 22, 2010

Girls Weekend :: Day 1

8 am: I heard my mom pull up outside, but since it was pouring down rain so I told her to wait in the car. Luckily Camsters and I have a nice strong man to carry our extremely heavy luggage for us. Thanks Husband!

Two hours later we made a pit stop at my Grammy's (aka: G3) house. Camster adored the tree while Mom and I ate chocolate covered Oreos. Yum! 30 minutes later we stopped to pile into my sister-in-law's monster truck/bus because adding three more girls meant we needed a much bigger vehicle. Then, almost two more hours later, we finally arrived at the Beach House in Half Moon Bay. Finally. The first thing the girls had to do is test out the hot tub downstairs. As always.

For dinner we were invited over to my aunt and uncle's house nearby. My uncle made the BEST chicken wings ever! My aunt made some homemade mac n' cheese and a salad with homemade croutons. There's always good eats over there and my uncle is like the King of chicken. On the way back to the hotel we picked up some funky colors of nail polish which we used while watching "My Best Friend's Wedding". Camsters and I did our nails in this pretty reddish-orange color. We are SO matchy-matchy. Before bed, the girls made another trip to the hot tub. I swear they are part fish.

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