December 1, 2010

Christmas Bears

When my cousins and I were young, every year we would anticipate my grandparent's Christmas Eve party. Not for the obvious reasons: presents, limitless chips and dip, candy canes, dinner rolls (my main course), or homemade pumpkin pie.

We would peek into the living room -first thing- to see if Grammy made us Christmas bears. And like every year I could remember before, there they were, sitting side-by-side on the fireplace hearth. Almost like they were waiting for us too. Each bear would be sewn from a different holiday fabric: holly, ribbons and bells, poinsettia, or Christmas tree print. Each bear would be wearing a festive ribbon around his neck with a child's name on it. Their little button eyes would glimmer from the light of the tree. How magical memories can be.

This year, since two of us gran-kids have had babies, I thought I would start carrying on the tradition of the Christmas bear. No fancy wrappings. They will just sit on the fireplace hearth... waiting.

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