December 25, 2010

Girls Weekend :: Day 3

After another yummy breakfast, the girls made their last trip to the hot tub. Camsters loved sticking her feet in and splashing everyone. When we sat by the pool she made a few attempts to hop in and swim around with her cousins. Then we went up to the room and packed up our.... I mean the Camster's junk.... I mean precious toys and extensive wardrobe.

Just when we were finishing up and looking around the room for stragglers, the smoke detector went off in the room across the hall. Then the big fire alarm started going off in all of it's loud flashing glory. Uh oh. I tried to tell my self it was just a bagel across the hall that someone over toasted. Uh, nope. We opened the door to the hall and it was filled -- literally filled-- with smoke. Uh oh again. My mom and I looked at each other and instantly picked up as much luggage as we could. We got the girls to carry as much as they could carry safely down the stairs. This wasn't going to be a two-tripper to the car like we had originally thought. So while carrying Camsters herself, my mom's game bag (brutally heavy), Camster's toy bag, the diaper bag, the booster seat, AND pushing the girls out the door and down the hall, I managed to grab the girls' rubber ducky left behind in the bathroom. Phew!

We all managed to make it out of the hotel with only one child freaking out (I won't name names... *ahem* Niece #4) and no one hurt. We just hopped in the car/bus/behemoth and left. The hotel had only one driveway and considering the size vehicle we were in, we didn't want to get blocked in by the fire trucks when they arrived. We had enough trouble parking during the week!

After we drove away I held up the rubber ducky in triumph. Exclaiming to the girls that I had saved their rubber ducky from a fiery death. The three of them gave me a look and then a group eye roll. My oldest niece informed me that they were just playing with it this weekend and it actually belonged to the hotel. Oops. Well... I STILL saved him from a fiery death!

Before heading home, we had to drive to Pescadero for some allolaberry (spelling?) pie to calm down from our traumatic morning. Pie fixes everything. We still don't know what happened though. I might have to google it.

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