May 8, 2010

Review of 5 Different Cloth Diapers

From the get-go we knew we wanted to do cloth diapering with Camster. Unfortunately, when she was first born, Camster weighed a small 7 pounds and didn't quite fit into the diapers we already had. So we used "premee" and "newborn" sized disposable diapers until she was big enough. Having used both, I can tell you -hands down- cloth is better. I tried five which may sound like a lot, but there are so many more on the market. It's crazy. Our favorite is SmartiPants because of their overall performance. Here is my personal view on what I've tried.

Traditional Flat Fold Diaper with Plastic Pants:
These are SUPER cheap... maybe 50 cents a diaper, but you also need pins and plastic waterproof pants to go over them. The plastic pants are a b!#@h to find! Camster had skinny legs too, so we usually had to tuck the leg holes into the diaper to keep it together. We won't even go into pins... I'm sure you can imagine the annoyance.

Velcro Flat Fold Diaper with Plastic Pants:
Don't bother. I didn't even get through one use with these because the velcro closures and their placement on the diaper were designed by a moron.

Bum Genius: These include a cover, a snap in waterproof liner, and multiple flushable inserts. I loved the idea of making it eco-friendly and flushable. They made it so it would be more like a disposable in that it doesn't sit around smelling up the house. However, it takes too long to get through a diaper change. I want to be in and out in 10 seconds... not hanging around the toilet trying to disassemble this liner!

FuzziBunz: I actually LOVED these! Not only do you just shove the reuseable insert into the pocket and go, but they are cute! I got a red, a green with daisies, and a purple with daisies. The inside is lined with micro fleece to keep moisture off your little one and prevents diaper rash. The insert, which goes inside the pocket, is micro fiber and absorbs an ungodly amount of moisture. The outside feels like cloth, but is waterproof so no need for those awful plastic pants. They have a row of snap closures to adjust the leg and waist sizes so one size will fit almost to potty training and there are no unsightly leaks.

SmartiPants: These have all the same properties as the FuzziBunz (micro fleece liner, micro fiber inserts, waterproof outer shell, and adjustable snap closures), but with a twist. SmartiPants don't require you to pull the liner out for every wash. It comes out by itself in the wash cycle! Yay! Not only that, but it also is a "one size" which means it will fit all the way up to potty training. With the FuzziBunz you need two sizes to get to the finish line. I almost swear the SmartiPants are more absorbant too... it might be a different kind of micro fiber on the inside. We started using these when Camster reached 8 pounds (and she has skinny legs) so even the smallest baby can use them with no leaks. They also come in great colors!!! We have lavender, pink, yellow, and coca brown. (The aqua and coca bean brown are not shown below since they are new colors)

SmartiPants Cloth Diapers

I would highly recommend SmartiPants to anyone considering cloth diapering.


  1. The smartipants sound like the easiest. How is the absorbency?

  2. The SmartiPants are the best! We've only had a leak once or twice overnight, but that can easily be avoided by putting an additional insert in if you have a heavy wetter. :) Thanks for the comment!