May 20, 2010

DIY Teepee

UPDATE September 2011: Because of the mass interest in a DIY teepee I have recently created a tutorial on how I made my own 6 foot tall teepee. Just follow this link:

I was perusing the internet this morning... as usual... and found this cute idea! I've seen kids teepees before, but this one has a modern look to it. I thought I would make a larger scale one this summer for Camster and all four of her cousins to play in. Five little girls would warrant a much more girly design.

Luckily this pattern is very adjustable and should give you a good idea of where to start. I think I'll make mine out of canvas (I can buy it by the yard at the local variety store) and pvc pipe (OSH Supply). I will be sure to upload pictures of my version once I make it next month sometime.

Happy teepee-ing!

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