May 23, 2010

Compilation of the Last Few Days

I haven't had enough to blog about the past couple days to warrant a full post (and I'd hate to be chintzy) so I'll cram it all together and fluff it up a bit like I used to to with essays in high school... here it goes:


My mother is an art teacher at a local elementary school and every year for "Open House" she compiles (common theme here or what?) all the kid's art from the year and hangs it up -art gallery style- as an art show.

It took me and Camster a few days earlier in the week to weed through what work was done and what wasn't, so Thursday it came down to hanging it all up. This isn't a very large school mind you, but there is A LOT of artwork by the end of the year! My grandmother (aka: G3) came up to join the long day's task of taping and hanging. I would have gotten a picture of the four generations preparing an art show, but again... we were busy preparing an art show. I will note however that the Camster was very well behaved in her "Small Paul" monkey front pack and let me work away most of the day without complaint (not counting regular feedings of course).


All the Camster and I did was go over to my mom's class to torture help keep an eye on the lemmings kids as they worked on some busy work free draw. It is the end of the year of course.


Husband, Camster, and I all trucked it over to Columbia State Park. Well... maybe not "trucked it"... we Chevy Cavaliered it over to Columbia. For anyone who has never been to Columbia, California, you must go! I think in a week or two they are having some sort of "tent town". I'm not sure exactly what it entails, but it is something along the lines of a frontier town in the middle of the park with vendors and performers and such. Add them to your Facebook for details. Don't have Facebook? Then you stink!

Anyhoo- we Cavaliered it over to Columbia State Park. Our first stop is always the Columbia Candle & Soap Works shop. If you don't stop in to take in the aromas... then go in to meet Bubba. He is a very famous candle shop cat. We said our hellos to Bubba and sniffed out the goodies. Husband picked out a little Nag Champa candle to test out in our living room. Again, I would have taken a picture, but it's already half way burned and it wouldn't do the candle justise.

Then we walked over to the only other thing I'm interested in.... the candy shop! The Columbia Candy Kitchen!!! Oh. Dear. God. Yum. Don't go to the Candy Kitchen unless you don't mind gaining a few pounds. They didn't have my favorite-- milk chocolate turtles, but it did force me to try something new. I got the pecan log (something yummy and sweet and creamy covered in carmel and toasted? pecans) and Husband got the milk chocolate covered peanut butter square. I didn't try his because I hate that combination, and he didn't try mine because he hates nuts. Fine with me. Then the two and a half of us walked around the streets for a little while (Camster in the monkey pack), looked at the blacksmith shop, and said hello to the chickens on our way out. It was too windy for us. AGAIN, I would have taken pictures, but Husband forgot the camera in the car. I tried.


We did nothing today but sit around in our pj's watching scary movies and drumming. We figure we have a few more months to enjoy our beloved horror films before they are replaced with other horrors: Care Bears, Barney, Sesame Street, Dora the Exploasomething. Do they even make Care Bears anymore? Shows what I know...

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  1. I know my baby looks like a mini-hippie drumming in a peace sign jumper... no need to tell me...