May 13, 2010

DIYODS Play Kitchen: part II

Another round of DIYODS "Do It Your Own Damn Self" Play Kitchen. Mission: to repurpose a ratty desk into a fab play kitchen for my daughter. Skill level: Moderate to WTFudge

Part II begins with some lessons I've learned thus far.
1. silicone caulking is your god!
2. it's a bad idea to cut a hole in the "oven" door to later insert a small piece of plexi-glass... instead, find a way to just attach it to the back
3. hinges are not user friendly
4. don't try to use the faces of the drawers for the doors... it's just a bad idea that leads to tears

Almost the "before" picture... I forgot to take one when we started working on it last week. Here we had already cut the hole for the sink and used the original drawer sides for bottoms of the microwave and oven spaces. There also used to be a thin drawer below where the sink is now that we removed last week.

I drilled holes and installed the knobs for the faucet (hot/cold) and for the 4 stove top knobs. My husband cut a piece of particle board for the oven door and cut a hole in it to insert a piece of scrap plexi-glass with silicone caulking (keep your fingers crossed on that one!)

Do not do this... if you are trying to use the drawer face... STOP. I'm just trying to save you an hour of blood, tears, and verbal censorship. Just suck it up and use a piece of particle board.

My husband installing the -particle board- microwave door since the oven door is still drying. What a handsome man!

Camster asleep on the job... she could have at least helped her dad hold the board steady! Jeez...

So far for this project we have spent $11.00 on hinges, chain (for the oven door), magnetic latch for microwave and oven doors, and a plastic plumbing elbow to use as a faucet. Everything else was free.

DIYODS Play Kitchen Part III will be coming soon!

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