May 16, 2010

National Make-up Your Own Doll Pattern Day

Not really. But doesn't it seem like there are "national holidays" for all kinds of ridiculous things? Like "Talk Like a Pirate Day"... how silly! I'm sure there are tons of people participate, but if someone started talking like a pirate to me -seemingly randomly- I would think they were crazy no matter how well intentioned.

So on this officially appointed "National Make-up Your Own Doll Pattern Day", I have done just that. Sorry the pictures are so fuzzy and discolored... my camera is pretty crappy and only takes decent pictures outdoors :( AND I was too lazy this morning to properly Photoshop them.

Firstly, I cut out 4 leg shapes, 4 arm shapes, 2 head shapes, and 2 body shapes. In order to make the head and body more 3D, I also cut out a straight strip of fabric for each to attach as a side. Then I sewed everything together making 2 legs, 2 arms, a head, and a body leaving the tops open to flip right-side-out and stuff.

Before I stuffed the body and head, I sewed them together at the bust line. I only flipped the top of the body inwards because I thought it looked too long and was too lazy to cut it. I'm really lazy today. Look Grammy! I'm using pins for once and not just winging it! She would be so proud...

Ta da! Ready to stuff!

Now I've sewn the arms on and am getting ready to sew on the legs.

I actually got all fancy here and made stitches on the hand to create fingers... ooo la la! Man, my camera sucks! It's there I swear!

Here I have hand stitched some facial features and hand stitched yarn hair on Dolly's head. A little tip for the yarn hair: Pin the hair on how you like it, mega-stitch the hair line with heavy duty thread, and then stitch down the rest in key places to keep the hairdo from moving... or being ripped out by baby/kid.

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