May 18, 2010

Mom-Talk Etiquette

Yesterday myself, my husband, and Camster went over to my parents house for dinner.  My aunt also joined us for kabobs (I know... we seem like big kabob eaters now). But when my aunt arrived, it seemed like the only thing I had to talk about was Camster. Does this happen to anyone else? Granted- I have only been a stay-at-home mom for a little over three months, but all I do is play with a baby. It's not like I lead a very exciting life otherwise.

I just feel awkward. Maybe because I always hated when mothers had nothing better to talk about than their children. Now that I am a mother, I know why. There is nothing else going on! Every single thing I do throughout the day involves my baby in one way or another.

When people ask you 'What's new?', are they asking knowing that the answer will inevitably involve some story about how your kid gave you her first wink or had really explosive diarrhea at a restaurant? I can never tell if people are sincerely curious about what we've been up to or if they are just being polite. I'm having trouble finding a happy medium in conversations.

Is there an etiquette for mom talk? Perhaps a 20 or 30 second time limit? Maybe a certain mom-talk to adult-talk ratio? Or restraints on content? If so, someone needs to fill me in.

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