May 7, 2010

DIYODS Play Kitchen: part I

The "Do It Your Own Damn Self" Play Kitchen: part I

The past few months I have been on a felt food kick. My husband knows all too well that I work in creative phases... or as he calls them- "waves of destruction". I tend to leave a trail of scraps and pieces and patterns and thread bits in my wake when starting new projects-- and most projects I never finish.

However, my felt food phenomenon has escalated to scary new heights. I have even gone as far as to make a nearly life-sized felt turkey with velcro drumsticks and wings. I know... it's a sickness. So even though Camster won't be playing with any of this stuff until (about) the ripe ol' age of one, I have decided to take the last step to occupy my remaining time. I will make a play kitchen!

We looked online to research how much a play kitchen might cost premade... bad idea. I'm sorry, but what the hell happened to good ol' American craftsmanship?! All we could find was $200 hunks of Chinese plastic. Fail.

Who knows where I found this idea, but whilst surfing the web I stumbled upon a site where two parents had made one out of a "repurposed" t.v. stand. It had a sink, stove burners, microwave, oven, and even a space to store play food. AMAZINGLY GENIUS! (*insert mad scientist laugh here*)

So I scavenged around until my grammy was kind enough to give a small desk she wasn't using. Score! And my mom found a metal bowl to use for the sink for free. Score #2!

We got right to work cutting a hole in the top for the bowl/sink to fit it in. Gosh... I hope Grammy knows I'm planning on hacking this desk up. Too late now! It was easier than I thought it would be to cut. Then we broke apart the 2 drawers (since we are only planning to use the faces for the microwave and oven doors) and glued the wood from the sides down as the bottoms of the microwave and oven spaces. Even with a 3 month old in tow, this only took about 2 hours. I was impressed! I thought it would take 9 months to finish this project, but then again-- you haven't seen me paint.

I will upload -part I- pictures on Sunday... check back

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