July 22, 2011

Grocery Checkout Advice

Yesterday while we were checking out at the grocery store downtown the lady bagging out stuff asked how little Camsters was doing. We often talk about our kids because her daughter is exactly one month younger than ours. We told her that Camsters was doing great and somehow sign language came up. I told her that we had been teaching her sign since she was only a few months old because I had taken ASL as my foreign language in high school. So it was an easy transition for me and my husband is learning quickly also.
Then she asked how many signs she can do and after a bit of thought I figured Camsters can sign about 30 signs at nearly 18 months old. Both women at the checkout were impressed, especially when I said that she understands more than that. Camsters can sign 30 signs, but understands about 50 or so. It seems that everyday she learns a new sign or two.
The checkout girl thought I should be teaching "baby sign language" classes for other people who want to teach their kids to sign.

Good idea! Maybe I will. You know.... Because I don't have enough projects already.

YouTube Video

Camster's first sign at 10 months old: "tree"
- Sarah

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