August 5, 2011


Sometimes it feels like I'm just checking in here. Sometimes I have nothing to report. Sometimes I like to just read other peoples blogs for awhile. And then sometimes I feel like I need to make stuff because of said blogs.

Well, it doesn't feel like anything new has happened lately.

We are moving in a few weeks and I have done nothing to start packing. Strike that. I do have three boxes sitting on my front porch.

I ordered two 30x36" rabbit cages from our local Tractor Supply since they don't keep them in-stock. I'm eagerly awaiting my French angora rabbits.

I typed up a list of "baby" signs, made a picture workbook of the same signs, and made a flyer for "Baby Sign Language Classes" starting in October. I figure October will give us plenty of time to settle in after the move.

I put my little Sweetpea's hair into pigtails yesterday and she instantly looked like a "kid" instead of a "baby". They are so right... children do grow up so fast.

I almost forgot! We have enough money saved up to buy a couch! I am sooo excited because for the last two years we have been using a trundle bed as a couch. Which is sad. Because it in no way can be mistaken for a couch. This will be the first time in my adult life I have ever bought
a piece of furniture. Hand-me-downs have been our life for so long. Gone are the days of Top Ramen and saggy cushions! Wow.... that sounds attractive.

- Sarah

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