August 25, 2011

Kid Sewing Sweatshop

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A few weeks ago, three of my nieces came up the mountain to visit. Since I am always commissioned to sew on missing buttons or fix broken elastic, I figured it is time for these girls to learn some basic sewing skills.

The oldest two (ages 13 and 9) learned how to make basic bags and totes on the sewing machine. They sketched out what they wanted to make, cut out the pieces, and then -very wearily- stitched them up with the machine. I sat next to them to help, but otherwise they did it all themselves. I also shoed them how to hand-sew embellishments and buttons on. The most important part!

The youngest niece (age 6 next month) I taught to hand sew. At first she was a little scared of the "sharp needle", but I convinced her she was old enough to do this herself. I machine-sewed a little felt tote for her and then she cut out and hand-sewed on little hearts herself. For a first time sewing project her stitches came out pretty even. She really enjoyed it, so hopefully she will keep it up.

- Sarah

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