August 25, 2011

D.I.Y. Bookcase Dollhouse

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Okay... So not the most fabulous transformation, but I was going for success and function. I really just Mod Podge-ed (is this a verb?) some 12x12" scrapbook paper on the shelves and back of the bookcase and then Mod Podge-ed (if it's not a verb it should be) over it again to seal it up. My only complaint is that I painted the paper seams white for definition, but didn't wait long enough for it to dry so when I Mod Podge-ed (seriously... it's a verb) over it, it streaked the paint. Oops.
By the way, I left the top space blank for stuffed animals. Incase you were wondering why I didn't cover the whole bookcase.

My comic

The Camsters instantly took to it with her little wood peg dolls. She didn't mind the paint streaks. Once we are done moving I hope to make a few "proper" dollhouse dolls. What that would look like.... I don't know. I'll figure it out and update you.

- Sarah

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