August 5, 2011

Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board for our new house. I needed to find some ideas to brighten up the dark wood walls and my sweetpea's new room.
Sorry I don't have links for any of these. I got the images off of

My comic
Left: top- I love this idea for photos, but I think mine will be a large black and white photo on a white background instead of a chalkboard. Maybe it will help offset the darkness of the wood paneling the house has.
Middle- we are looking at white leather couches and I like this color combo.
Bottom- I'm a little in love with this pallet table... Maybe too much, but it looks really neat.
Right: top- I like this room arrangement.
Bottom- I love this tray as a little side table. I have a bunch of these from my bellydance days that I can convert... just need legs.

My comic
Left: pallet garden idea for the deck saves space.
Right: top- would be good for herbs.
Middle- this would be perfect for my chai addiction. Everything at arms reach.
Bottom- adorable! This would go on the front porch wall that you see as you walk up the stairs.

My comic
Camster's room inspirations:
Top Left: have you seen these bookshelves made from rain gutters? Camsters has trouble putting her books away on a normal bookshelf so this is hopefully easier for a toddler.
Top Right: I'm going to make one of these for her out of an old rabbit skin.
Bottom Left: art display idea
Bottom Right: I want to buy these for her room so bad! Love the colors!

- Sarah

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