July 4, 2011

Frühlingskabine is hard to spell

When we move in late August/ early September, what? again?... I know, we will be moving into a 3 bedroom house with enough room (and permission) to keep our chickens, start keeping rabbits for wool, and start a hive of bees. We plan to live there for a few years while we work on buying our own house.

Cool right?! We are so excited! The house is called the "Frühlingskabine" which means "Spring cabin" in German. It was named by my uncle who has recently passed. I love him and miss his quick cynical wit dearly so we are naming our mini-mini-farm in memory of him.
Soon we will be drowning in honey, eggs, and wool. Yay!

So rabbit wise, I have a few options. I would like medium to large sized rabbits in order to get a worthwhile amount of wool. I would hate to spend more in feed than I get in wool. That would be silly.

On the left, the French Angora weighs about 8-10 pounds
The German (or Giant) Angora on the right weighs 9-12 pounds

I would prefer the French Angora because it is of a more manageable weight, but either would be nice. The big challenge will be finding a breeder who is selling a buck and two does relatively close to where I live. A challenge indeed. I may even begin to breed them myself.

September brings new beginnings. Oh, and my birthday.

- Sarah

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