July 1, 2011

DIY Teepee :: tutorial

I looked everywhere online for measurements for a 6ish foot tall teepee. Um... Nope. But it's okay because this was super simple and... Wait for it....
Only $18
That's right folks! $18 US buckaroonies. That's all I spent. That's all you want to spend on a summer teepee. It takes about 2 hours to put together... One to cut and one to sew.

Here's what you need:
:: 5 (1/2 inch) PVC pipes that are 4 feet long
:: 5 (1/2 inch) PVC pipes that are 4 feet long with a flare on one end so you can connect two together
:: 6 x 9 foot canvas drop cloth
:: some scrap fabric for a fancy door (use elephant fabric if you have it)
:: some scrap fabric in 12 inch lengths or ribbon

My comic
1. My measurements ended up being 3 inches at the top and 4 feet at the bottom. I used tape on the floor to make the top and bottom measurements and then used more tape to link the sides until it looked like a good length. (I suppose you could measure, but set up your poles first to see where you will tie them together at the top. Mark it, drill holes all the way through, and tie 'em together.)
2. Cut out 4 of these panel shapes with your canvas drop cloth. You will have to squeeze them it by flipping it for each panel, but it works.
Use this same shape to piece together one more panel with your scrap fabric. Then cut it in half. Sew everyone together: long sides together, all the short tops at the top, all the long bottoms at the bottom, and your two scrappy doors on either side.
3. Put your cover on you teepee bones and mark where you want your ties on the inside. I put 3 ties per pole and a few on the top to keep it from slipping down.
Ta da! If you questions, email me. I'd be happy to clarify my cryptic instructions.

Now you're teepeefied. It's a word.

- Sarah

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