July 18, 2011

We seem so busy...

We seem so busy lately! Between building a bigger better chicken coop, weaning Camsters, staying up far too late because of weaning Camsters, preparing our "micro-farm" for move in, and managing some resemblance of a home life, I'm just exhausted. Keep in mind that I usually have about ten things going on at once with no problem, so being exhausted is really new to me. It's all catching up to me I guess. Or I'm getting older. Ha!

I'm sitting here watching the little one sleep and thinking about yesterday. While we were working on the new coop, Camsters was a few feet away under a shady tree, happily playing in the loose dirt next to a bucket of water.
These are her new favorite toys. Dirt and water. Not the cool electronic toddler piano her cousins gave her... nope... she likes dirt. But man, did she have a good time just digging and scooting those piles of dirt around. She had the biggest smile on her face! I didn't even mind that she was practically rolling around in it. She just made me smile. It's funny to watch kids find play wherever they go.

- Sarah

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