August 13, 2010

Road-trip to the Big City

Well well well, the Camster and I are taking our first big trip -road trip even- without Husband. This should be interesting. The longest Camster has been in the car is a 2-ish hour drive to the mall to buy my beloved iPad (more on that later). We're looking at a much longer trip for tomorrow.

Starting at 7-ish in the morning, we will be carpooling with my Mom and my three nieces in their behemoth of a SUV down to the Bay Area to pick up my Grammy. Easily a three hour drive. Then we are all heading over to San Francisco (another hour) for my cousin's baby shower, which is the whole reason for this trip. She better love me after traveling so long and far with a 6-month old.

Camster and I are staying over at my Grammy's house for recovery Saturday and Sunday night. Phew! I wouldn't want to make that drive twice in one day. This will also be our first sleep-over away from home since the wee one was born. Eek! Like my comic-like exclamations? And all my hyphenated-words?

I am finishing up the trip by taking a quick morning class on how to use my serger Monday before my mom, Camster, and I head back to the mountains. That should be quite interesting as well. Husband and I were talking yesterday about how Camster will have odd phrases like I do: 'as it happens', 'quite interesting indeed', 'by the by', 'ya haw'. Don't ask on that last one.

Anywho- I promise to take pictures of the party, because if you are anything like me, you love to see party decor. Also, I will magically post my Etsy picks on Sunday even though I will be away from electronics for the weekend.

Enjoy yourselves and your weekend!

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