August 30, 2010

Four Days 'Till the Big Move

Okay... so it's not really a BIG move. We are just moving to the next town over. Less than ten miles even! But, it feels like a big move because this is the first time we are moving somewhere we love.

While spending the entire weekend packing, I realized that 80% of all the boxes were labeled "Camster's room". Is this what it comes down to as a parent? Nothing you own is actually for you? Weird how that changes so quickly... I didn't even notice until now.

Husband and I have this great deal where I will do all the sorting, packing, and unpacking (he did an awful job last time we moved); and he will do all of the lifting, driving, and cleaning. I thought I had gotten the better end of the deal until I actually started to sort and pack. Arg! I hate packing! We are also trying to downsize by getting rid of clutter an unnecessary furniture that collects clutter. I think that may be the hardest part. Putting all your beautiful knicks-knacks and trinkets in the "donate" pile. Arg!

Hopefully I can finish up my packing duties by Friday so I can pick-up the keys to our new place with good conscience. We will be moving in over Labor Day weekend by happy coincidence... that should be nothing short of interesting.

Have a good week all! I hope to post again this week with something halfway interesting, but moving with a six-month old may hinder my blogging career for the week.

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