August 6, 2010

Happy Six-Month Birthday Sweetpea!

So today is Camster/ Sweetpea/ Kitten/ Cuteness/ Poopypants/ Sweetie Pie's six-month birthday! Yippie! I've... I mean Camster has survived to the halfway mark. We all wait for it, but hate when it has come so soon.

By day, we tie-dyed shirts with the cousins and ate "special sandwiches", which is just a nice way of saying unhealthy whipped butter sandwiches and drank radioactive looking apple kool-ade. Then as a girlie collaborative we cut out some different sized felt flowers and attached them with a button to a headband. Adorable success. We finished up the afternoon by getting the Camster's ears pierced. She was such a good sport and only cried for a second, I assume because of the abrupt noise and shocking pinch. So freaking cute! Babies are so cute with little baby sized earrings!

By night, Husband took Camster and I out to Baskin Robbins for a late night ice cream. Bananas, scoop of strawberry, scoop of chocolate, and the best part... hot fudge. And Camster played with a spoon. A good time had by all!

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