August 22, 2010


Wow! The last week has completely passed me by! Not that I've really been doing anything, just living I guess. When the Camsters and I got back from our adventure weekend in the Bay Area, Camster's other cousin was up visiting for a few days. It was just one into the next it seems. 

THEN, the elementary school I volunteer at started up and we went over to help out a few days. THEN on Thursday it was my little brother's birthday, so Camster and I went over and grilled him up some chicken sandwiches on chibata bread with tomato and avocado, AND an angel food cake with ripe blackberries (sorry to disappoint... not from scratch because I'm lazy).

THEN!!! On Saturday we took our boring wood dining table and chairs over to my parent's house and spray painted them. When I say we on this one, I really mean that Husband transported and I painted. I sanded and spray painted the table chartreuse, two chairs tangerine (not to be confused with neon orange), one chair raspberry red, and one chair a fuchsia that turned out more purple. Pops was spray painting his ATV trailer camo so it turned out to be quite the "Spray Painting Saturday". 

Sunday I kicked back with Husband and Camster.... until I started packing up the house. Husband and I have an agreement: I will single-handedly pack up the whole house if he moves and cleans it. I thought I had the upper hand until I continued to tackle the job today. Phew! It is seriously hard work packing up a baby! Forget Husband and I... This kid has SO. MANY. CLOTHES. I won't even get started on accessories and equipment. Let's just say it's a good thing she will have her own room!

So now it's Monday, which means tomorrow I will help out at the school again, pack some more for the big move across town, and work on my fabulous 18" x 24" agave plant painting. I'll show you when its finished.

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