August 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

- Horatio from CSI Miami has the same mannerisms as McGarrett from Hawaii Five-O... it's uncanny
- At my age I probably shouldn't know who McGarrett is
- I have a weird mother who subjected me to old t.v. shows like Perry Mason
- The Camster will also be subjected to such nonsense
- I got a serger as an early birthday gift
- Once I learn to thread it I will be a serging whirlwind!
- I am planning on sewing Camster a civil war era dress... not period of course, because that would be insane
- Walmart is full of weirdos... mostly employees
- Are all Walmarts like that?
- Someone should invent a baby version of those audio translators for dogs
- If you've never seen those that last thought really is random
- Too bad eating a handful of truffles every night is bad for you
- Why can't vitamins be made in truffle form?
- Cell phones are overrated

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