August 22, 2010

Our Adventure Story

Last weekend, our Saturday morning started out with my mom and all my nieces picking us up in their giant SUV like it was a bus stop. Camsters immediately fell asleep for the three hour trip to my nieces' house in the Bay Area. Sleeping babies and long car rides are a very convenient combination. I had had all sorts of toys and bells and whistles to woo her -just incase- that I didn't even get to use!

We all hopped out, got dressed in chilly San Francisco appropriate clothing, and hopped back in for the last hour-long leg of the trip... which Camster slept through as well. Chuck-ching! (Does that sound/motion translate through text?) We all arrived at the baby shower safe from the sound of screaming babies (who would do that?!) and had a pretty good time.

Axis Cafe was in a really weird part of town... almost industrial... and looked out of place from the outside. But when we went in it was a very sleek, artsy, even comforting location. They even had an enclosed play area for kids on the back patio. The girls approved. The decorations for the party really only consisted of blue and orange balloons. That was it. On the table were plates of fruit and cupcakes... and I must note that SOMEONE ate my cupcake... so I didn't get a chance to sample and report back on that one. But, that's what I get for sitting next to three kids under the age of twelve. It was a brunch menu and I ordered the eggs Benedict which were delish. Everyone else reported great food as well.

After the baby shower, my grandma took us over to her house for the remainder of the weekend before we headed home on Monday. It was great just to relax for a day and a half, just me and Cami and Grammy. Since we don't have T.V. at home, the Camsters and I really had to catch up on mega cake makin' (beware that I don't know the titles of these shows), Diners -somethings- and Dives, and some sort of home designer competition show. I love how you can just pick a channel and watch home designer shows all day or drool over food all day. That was really all I was concerned with watching. I'm SO over CSI shows!

Camsters didn't put up any fuss and actually loved hangin' with her great-Grammy for the weekend. Monday around noon, my mom, sleepy Camsters, and I made the long drive home to the mountains only making a brief stop for a Wendy's root beer float.

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