August 15, 2010

Our Day Has Come

We have finally found a beautiful, quiet, friendly, well maintained, clean place to live! Yay for us! Not that our current apartment is dirty, but it does have a perpetual yard sale out front. Nuff said.

Our new dream apartment... a little on the small side, but a dream apartment still. Our new place is Spanish-style both in architecture and landscaping and includes an arch doorway with tile around it, tile floors inside, and a fenced-in shady patio for the Camsters to play on once she really gets moving (which will be pretty soon). We can't wait to move in next month!

Since it is so Spanish looking, I thought I could incorporate my great love of the artist Frida Kahlo into the decor. This is also my opportunity to take all my "hand me down"/ mix-match furniture and create a more coordinated look. It's going to look like a grown-up apartment instead of a poor college student's dorm room.

My first task this weekend is to sand and paint my dining table and chairs with bright colors like: chartreuse, fuchsia, persimmon, and cobalt. Very Frida don't you think? I am also very proud of anyone who can envision those specific colors... kudos. My furniture is just the start!

(Weekend adventure post tomorrow)

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