January 30, 2011

Random Thoughts :: January 2011

- David Bowie was never a great singer. He must have sold so many albums based on being kitschy.
- is that how you spell "kitschy"?
- I really like that word
- along with: whilst, whom, intriguing, butter, odd, and hardly
- is it okay that my baby is oddly fascinated with Taylor Swift?
- see?
- I'm surprised with how detailed I have been able to keep Camster's baby book
- or that I've been able to keep up with it at all
- hey! I got that docent (fancy word for "volunteer") position at Columbia State Park. (Yay me!) It entails six 5-hour long Saturday workshops to learn the (correct) history of the gold rush and how to lead tours and stuff. Then, on February 26th I graduate. Isn't that funny? Graduate... I get a badge though (Yay me!)
- my husband is a great cook. I'll never turn down one of his meals.
- or a meal ever
- especially if it's free
- unless it's tuna
- even free tuna
- sorry potential Starkist sponsors...
- I think I've rambled on enough.
- bye

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