January 15, 2011

Fabric Toadstools :: part 2

8. From the beige fabric, cut a strip about 6-8" long and 2 1/2" wide on the fold. With right-sides together, sew down the open side to form a tube. Now cut a small circle from the beige fabric that is roughly 2" in diameter.
9. With right-sides together, pin and sew the circle to the tube bottom.
10. Make little snips around the seam and turn right-side out.
11. Fill halfway with small beans or rice. Don't fill the bottoms with kidney beans.... I found out the hard way that they are too bulky. Fill the rest of the way with poly-fil and stick the stems into the "X" you cut into the toadstool tops. Lastly, hot glue (or hand sew if you have the patience) the stems to the tops.

12. Pat yourself on the back and take a pathetic amount of pictures showing how truly crafty you can be sometimes.

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