January 30, 2011

How to Make a Piñata :: part 2

8. Keep layering your crepe paper strips working from the bottom towards the top.
9. (side view) Once you get to the center of the head, start working the front and back separately. It looks wrong now, but if you start making your front and back "close" onto each other like a clam shell... it will all work out. I promise.
10. See? The back will meet the front right where the eyes will go. This way the eyes will cover-up the seam.

11. Glue some of your crepe paper strips to ... two... pieces of paper, then cut out wings. Cut out some cute sugar skull-esque eyes and randomly fold a beak. Glue them all onto the face....

And voilà! Way better than a grocery store piñata. Isn't it funny how many little above-the-letter mark things there are in this post? ------> piñata ------> voilà

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  1. I am planning to make this for my daughters' birthday party. But I was wondering how you filled it? Did you cut a hole in the bottom and tape it closed again? I thought I might fill it before adding the crepe paper so I could cover the hole. Thanks!

  2. I just cut a flap in the bottom (cut three sides or a "U" shape) and then add extra fringe on the end to hide it