March 1, 2011


First of all, didn't Phil say that Spring would come early? Um... then I ask you Phil, what's with all this snow lately? That's what I thought. Hide in your creepy little groundhog hole. And take those guys that wear the top hats with ya!

So looking through my Google reader (sounds vaguely dirty doesn't it?) this morning, everyone was spending time the last few days thinking about Spring. I don't know about you guys, but screw Spring... I'm looking for Summer! I've got stuff planned starting May. Here's the breakdown:

May: Put together art show at the school with my mom. Dab the sweat off my brow from hanging up 450 kids worth of art in one day. Also, Mother's Day! I think I may join my poi class in the parade. I'm not totally decided on that yet.
June: Summer Arts Camp at Columbia! 3 days being administrator, 1 day teaching painting (wait till you see what I have up my sleeve), and 1 day putting together an art show and eating hot dogs. AND I need to sew a teepee for Camsters and I to hangout in and "administrate".
July: My nieces come up to stay with my parents for a week just for fun. I'm going to teach the older two how to sew. How to sew cool stuff like fancy pants, and skirts, and clutches, and creepy dolls.

So move over Spring! Summer and I have plans.

- Sarah

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  1. Oh! Don't forget all the trips to the lake! Snack Shack burgers and root beer floats..... *drool*