March 8, 2011

Patio Oasis

We have a fairly large patio at our apartment. Maybe even bigger than the apartment itself! With winter withering away, I've been thinking of starting a potted garden of sorts. Who doesn't like to be surrounded by greenery, fragrant flowers, buzzing bees, morning sunshine, and afternoon shade?

So far we have:
- very happy pansies
- the newbie camellia bush
- astramerium
- an herb I haven't identified potted with chocolate mint

I would like to add:
- a little Meyer lemon tree (I've looked at Lowes, but they aren't "in season" yet)
- hardy lettuce that isn't bitter
- some sort of super viney squash (not pumpkin)
- a bunch of basil, cilantro, and oregano
- maybe turnips?

As you can see, I want some edible stuff. Not only for the obvious reasons of being able to eat it, but also to be able to teach the Camsters about gardening and where food comes from.

- Sarah

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