March 21, 2011

Children of the Gold Rush series :: introduction

Children gold rush series

Would you be bored if I learned ya a bit of history? No? Oh good. 'Cause I'm gunna. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with proper English.

After completing my docent presentation, I started thinking about perhaps doing some sort of walk-by interactive exhibit on the life of children for the park. Every second Saturday of the month Columbia SHP puts on "Gold Rush Days" which opens buildings and exhibits that aren't usually open for the public (gambling, the schoolhouse, sewing, justice court, etc.). The rangers (aka: docent wranglers) have mentioned that if we come up with something new, to bring it to them and they would see if there was a good spot for it.

I'm thinkin'... with all the tourists carting around their kids and babies in strollers, wouldn't someone be interested in this? Hope so.

So, long story short (yeah right), stay tuned for pieces of my (hopefully) interpretive exhibit.

- Sarah

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