March 21, 2011

Etsy Picks of the Week VII

It's Monday! (how often do you say that with an exclamation mark?) That means it's time for some picks by yours truly.

For Sweetpea...
duh. A felt camp fire! How cool is that?! Rhetorical question... it IS cool and you know it. Camsters love the electric "fireplace" in her room. Icould see her lovin' this too. Right up until she figures out she can throw the felt logs... Here is Neafus' shop.

and for Me...
a 24k dipped mistletoe necklace. I know I just did jewelry, but Etsy recommended this for me and I have already requested it for Mother's Day. It's an actual piece of mistletoe! Mistletoe is Camster's birth flower. Didn't you know every day of the year has it's own corresponding flower? Look yours up here!
Here is Lu's Boutique.

- Sarah

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