February 16, 2011

Readin' Babes Series :: part 2

Readin' babes

A mother's quest to teach her child to read using the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read by Doman and Doman.

Chapter 8 outlines what you will be focusing on and how fast to go according to what age you are teaching. Since I am teaching a 12-18 month old, I will be focusing on the "First Step-- Single Words" and the "Second Step-- Couplets" or two-word groupings.

Now the fun part!

Making your word cards! Yay! The book says to cut strips of poster board to 22 inches long by 6 inches tall (22" x 6"). I cheated since poster board costs so much and you are going to need like a billion of these things.

I used 18" x 6" drawing paper. It isn't as thick as poster board, but is much thicker than printer paper. Then I used a red Mr. Sketch marker which is more like 1/4" thick instead of the suggested 1/2" thick (which I couldn't find). But I think they turned out fine.

The first 30 word cards I made are direct family words and self words (ear, nose, fingers, etc.).
The next 70 word cards I made are all possessions and favorite foods: doll, banana, toy, cup, carrot, blanket, jacket, car, etc. I also made a few animal word cards: butterfly, dog, duck, cow, bug, horse, elephant, and cat.
Next I will make as many verb cards as I can, then color cards (with the word on front and the color on back). Once I finish making those this week I think I will get started on our daily "reading sessions".

So get your materials together and we will start teaching next week!

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