February 16, 2011

12 of 12 :: February 2011

1. Eating blueberry pancakes
2. Cooking blueberry pancakes
3. Baby soakin' up some sun
4. Mommy reading a new-ish book

5. Making "word cards" for an upcoming project
6. My new refrigerator pic: my Auntie playing with Camster's Frida puppet at her birthday party. Oh my...
7. 10 o'clock already? Off to docent training in Columbia
8. Reading about "basic" placer mining. Does this look basic to you? Me neither.

9. From my rock collection: pyrite aka. fools gold
10. A marionette I got for my 7th birthday
11. Lately, my weapon of choice
12. Butterfly mobile in Camster's room

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