July 5, 2010


We started off our Fourth of July holiday with good intentions- check out the happenings at Columbia State Park, go over to my parent's house, do a little grilling perhaps. Hmmm, well, it didn't quite turn out that way.

We did start out by going to Columbia. Husband and I had never been to their Fourth of July celebration before, so we thought we would see what it was all about. While we were browsing around the shops I found a set of school books that were originally published in 1836. Neat-o! Buying the first two of the six book set was in my budget so I snagged 'em. Score! After saying hello to my girlfriends at Kamice's Photographic Establishment (notice the name drop?), we decided it was a bit too crowded for the Camsters and left. Next year maybe.

As we headed up the hill to my parent's house we decided we were too lazy to pick something up and hoped my mom had something to grill. Does anyone else use that expression frequently? "Up the hill"? As if there were only one hill... THE hill... that everyone traveled up and down. I digress.

The five of us spent the afternoon under the grapevine filled pergola chatting and reading the odd old expressions in my new books. No one felt like cooking and everyone just sat outside until dinnertime came. My mom went and picked up some burritos from the nearby Mexican restaurant and we were all quite content with that. Now THAT is patriotic! Mexican food on the Fourth of July. I guess I expected all-American fatty cheeseburgers or something. Maybe next year.

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