June 24, 2010

Father's Day

The only problem with having a spectacular party for one person, is that then you have to have a party of equal or grander proportions for the other person. Take Mother's Day for example. We had the best kabobs, "Cami's Great-Grammy's Lambies", a fabulous mousse cake, music, and family. Now comes Father's Day... *insert ominous music here*.
We somehow managed to pull together a somewhat bettered party for the boys (Pops, Husband, and Brother #2). It included lamb kabobs, grilled corn on the cob, pickled cabbage, and grasshopper mousse cake. The lamb kabobs, I have a feeling, are now a family event staple. Which is fine since they are so easy to make and so delicious to eat! For anyone scrunching up their face at the mention of pickled cabbage... I am soooo with you. It wasn't my idea I swear! As for the grasshopper mousse cake- it was yummy. I would include the recipe, but I cheated and picked it up from Safeway. In my defense, I already had to dissect all those lamb cuts for kabobs so I didn't feel like making it from scratch. Maybe head over to Smitten Kitchen and see if they can whip one up for you. Or do what I do and just eat whatever is on the front page.
Hope everyone had a delicious Father's Day!

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