June 18, 2010

Arts Camp in Columbia

So I have blogged about Columbia State Park and their various shops before.... candy.... BUT I have not blogged about how our little community pulls together every year for a summer arts camp. Every June for the last seven-ish years the local Arts Council puts together a week long Arts Camp for kids ages 7-12. There are three classes every day in various visual and performing arts with local artists. There is a group performance and student art show at the end of the week.

Anywho-- every year I volunteer to help setup as well as teach a class. This year I decided to do "Chinese Brush Painting" as my class. The kids really loved it and the results were phenomenal. We used concentrated liquid watercolor instead of boring ol' black ink and I think they are more interesting for it. If you happen to live in the area, look into this yearly summer camp!

Other than my hectic day of teaching whilst leaving my little Camster in the hands of my granny (who also volunteers every year), the Camster and I did "administrative work". Which really translates as spending the week signing in late campers, administering the occasional band-aid, and managing daily sign outs. Still fun work though... plus, Camster and I got to sit under the shady trees enjoying the beautiful Columbia scenery and watch the stagecoach with the big dark horses walk by each morning. Camster loves horses!

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